About me

Bartosz Kończalski

Pilot, instructor, representative of the Polish National Helicopter Team

Bartosz Kończalski is a young representative of the Polish National Helicopter Team. A professional pilot’s licence proved to be a ticket to a fantastic sport that requires knowledge, experience, precision and ability to work with a partner. Bartek participates in various contests, both in Poland and abroad, and his track record includes numerous successes. In July 2018 he became Junior World Champion and finished eighth in the overall classification of the World Helicopter Championship in Belarus. He ranked first in the junior classification in the 53rd and 54th Russian Open Helicopter Championship, forth in slalom in the General Class of the 2nd stage of the Helicopter World Cup held in the UK, and 3rd in the Helicopter World Cup in Zielona Góra. Being a member of the huge HeliFamily – as helicopter sport enthusiasts refer to themselves – is tremendous fun, an opportunity to interact with incredible people and a ticket to a carrier as a professional pilot of the highest rank. Bartosz Kończalski, who masterfully reconciles being a sports helicopter pilot with work as a pilot and instructor, aspires to become one.